The reason I’m here (9-13-2013)

Today’s ride was from Crane to Seneca.  The weather was pretty nice once again, staying pretty cool and hiding away the sun.  Both of those are great for cycling in hot areas.

The ride was one of the tougher ones.  After some miles on the road, we ventured off on a gravel road for a couple of miles.  I wanted to walk the bike for a lot of it, but decided to ride it even with the skinny bike tires I have on.  The road definitely favored those using wider tires.

After the gravel, though, is when things got tough.  The climb was a long one and steep.  I took a lot of breaks when I could find some shade.  The SAG wagon was full of people that elected to bypass all of the climbing and opt for the easier descent or van ride to Seneca.  It was tempting, but part of this ride is all about challenging one self.  What fun would it of been to just give up and not ride the route?

As usual for Cycle Oregon so far, I started early in the day and finished late.  I may not be the fastest guy out here, but I’ve spent as much time on my bike as anyone.

The headwind to Seneca was pretty brutal after a long day of riding, but I made it. 

Carey, Kayla, and myself also had a big meeting after the finish.  We met up at dinner time with Mark Bosworth’s family.  I have to admit that I was pretty nervous.  It’s one thing to meet someone, but it’s a whole ‘nother world when the people you are meeting are the ones that chose you to win a scholarship to ride Cycle Oregon.  You don’t want them to regret picking you or thinking that they made a mistake.

We had a pretty big gathering for dinner.  Besides the three of us, we were joined by Mark’s wife, his daughters, his brother, Igrid from Cycle Oregon and her brother, and Kirstin who was a friend of Mark’s.  Any fears I had were for naught after meeting this great bunch of people.  They put us all at ease, and we talked about the ride and what we thought about it.  

I was really impressed by them, and we all had a great time.

After dinner I got my gear ready for our last day of riding and went to sleep.  


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