The people (9-12-2013)

One that that I’ve forgotten to mention enough are all of the incredible people here at Cycle Oregon.  I’ve been surprised at how nice most of the people are.  When I flatted a couple days ago, it was almost tough to fix because I had to answer so many people asking me if I was ok and if I wanted or needed help.

All of the volunteers have been amazing and in pretty good spirits.  My fellow cyclists have also been a delight.  I’m not the most social person, but there are a few topics that I can usually enjoy talking about : my games, football, and of course cycling.  I’m with 2000-2500 cycling enthusiasts here, and it’s been great to meet so many people who have a similar love of cycling.

I’m pretty happy with my tent neighbors as well.  Jerry, an older gent in tent #1, is a pretty amusing guy with a love of the smoothies they sell here.  He’s also a pretty fast cyclist who rides a nice Trek.  Carey, one of my fellow Cycle Oregon scholarship winners, is on my left for another good neighbor.

I think what makes Cycle Oregon really work is all of these great people.  Without them, the ride would not be nearly as enjoyable.  There are so many different personalities, but our enjoyment of all things bikes makes us as one.

I’m having a great time so far here, and I’ll miss my fellow cyclists when it is over.


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