The off day (9-11-2013)

Today started off poorly.  I woke up to the non-stop honking of a horn.  It was pretty irritating, but eventually it stopped and I could get a little more sleep.  I had assumed someone was being a jerk, but it turned out to be just a short in one of the trucks and was fixed by disconnecting the battery.

Today was an optional ride/rest day.  I was not alone in my choice to rest my tired muscles.  I suspect a good 75% of the camp had the same idea.

Breakfast was good.  Real eggs, potatoes, and salsa to top them.  I spent a couple hours talking to Kayla about our cycling past.  I also finished reading Congo and taking the day easy.

Tonight City Slickers, one of my favorite movies, is to be the entertainment.  Tomorrow we heads toward Crane for our ride.

Trek was out here demo’ing bikes, but they only showed off their road bikes.  I already have a Madone, so my only interest was in mountain bikes which they did not have.


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