Travel to Cycle Oregon (9-6-2013)

I was pretty lucky that I was able to find Carey, the third winner of the Cycle Oregon scholarship, to ride over with.  If push came to shove I would of driven, but in a world of tight finances that would of made things much more difficult.  I get roughly 10-13 miles per gallon on flat ground in my truck.  Her Prius averaged over 46 miles per gallon.

The ride was cramped.  I’m way too tall for her car, but it certainly beat driving myself.  The truck is a good one, but all of the hills would of been a nightmare on gas.

We arrived about 5:30 pm, making the trip over roughly about 6 hours.  I was the second person to claim a tent, choosing #2 and Carey chose #3.  The tents are nice, with plenty of room inside for me, my gear, and the bike.

I skipped buying dinner to save on money.  Instead I had a Sloppy Joe MRE that I brought and a chocolate no-bake cookie I bought from a gas station on the way.  Very few riders came into camp today, a lot less than I expected.

I did have to splurge for a Cycle Oregon Jersey.  It cost $67, but it’s neat to have souvenirs like this that you can use for riding too.  The registration packet also included a Cycle Oregon T-shirt for non-riding times. 


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