Preparation 9-5-2013

As excited as I was to do Cycle Oregon, it did not reflect well in my preparation.  I definitely did not get as many miles as I would of liked on the bike beforehand.  Between work, family, and military duties there just didn’t seem to be enough time to get the job done.  I should of found the time, though.

Packing was all last minute.  I got my cycling clothes ready to be packed Thursday night, but not much else.  I didn’t even pick which bike I wanted to ride until that night either.

The Madone is my super bike.  It’s light, fast, and sleek.  I had heard that there were some unpaved sections and chip-seal roads for this Cycle Oregon.  I had also heard of some bike thefts last year at Klamath Falls for Cycle Oregon.  I only ride the best roads with my Madone, so she had to stay home.

Next up was my Raleigh Team USA.  Steel frame, 27″ tires with lots of spokes on the wheel and very sturdy.  It rides very smoothly, but the tubes are a pain to fix if I get a flat and the bike is very heavy.  There is also very little choice for climbing as the bike runs a double crank with no granny gear.  The Raleigh thus had to stay behind too.


The last realistic choice was the Trek 1000.  It’s the least fancy, but it’s been very reliable and the most ridden bike.  I have the Brooks Imperial saddle on it as well as a rear rack.  The rack means that I can take my saddle bag with me and carry my camera and more.  The bike isn’t light with this setup, but it has a triple drivetrain and I know how it rides.  It’s also the cheapest of the three bikes, which helps in making it less desirable to steal.  This “Old Faithful” of a bike is the winner of my choices.


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