Let us ride ! (9-8-2013)

Ride day # 1.  I got up early, ate a light breakfast, and took off.  I took pictures when I could, but between rationing the camera battery and getting tired, I didn’t overdo it.

My first mistake of the day was forgetting to fill up my water bottles.  Oops.  Luckily the first water stop was only about 14 miles away.

Todays ride was the Strawberry mountains.  We rode up, on , and down it.  I’m glad I didn’t wear my King of the Mountain jersey because I took a beating on the mountain.  I took a lot of breaks going up and wanted to take the SAG, but refused to give in.

It may of taken me longer than a lot of people, but I did it.  I’m very glad the Raleigh stayed at home.  With it’s double crank and no granny gear, the climbs would of been brutal. 

All told, it was about 76 miles with a lot of walking in cleats to the rest stops.  One thing I discovered today is that Pepsi Wild Cherry is fantastic in the middle of a hard ride.

Dinner was a roast or steak with potatoes and was very good.

My big toe is being it’s usual self, and the roof of my mouth is torn from something.  Other than that I feel pretty good and very tired.  Tomorrow has more climbing and 70 some odd miles to Burns.


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