It begins (9-7-2013)

People have slowly started coming in this morning.  Pretty much all of the bikes are very high-end carbon ones.  I’m having second thoughts about not bringing the Madone, but I think I still brought the right bike for the job .  This week will answer that question.

This morning I spent $3 for a omelet and an apple for breakfast.  Lunch will be the remainder of my MRE: Peanut butter and jelly on crackers, pizza combos, and water.

I walked around town and explored the area.  Pen, paper, sunscreen lotion and a rootbeer added to my expenses.  All of them probably should of been brought from home, but as I mentioned I didn’t prepare packing very well.

I also took care of the bike today.  I wiped the drivetrain clean and cleaned out the gunk and hair from my dogs.  After it was clean, I lubed up the chain and it was as good as new.

For dinner I met up with Carey, Kayla, Jim Miller and a reporter from the Oregonian.  Jim was one of Mark’s good friends and Lauri interviewed us.  Dinner was chicken breast and manicotti.

Sleep was tough.  I sleep on my side, so my hips tend to dig into the ground all night long.  I need to invest in a camping mat or cot.


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