Mile by mile, slowly adding up

I’ve been working on riding to work a lot more.  I haven’t done it consistently, but it’s more than I have been doing.  At a minimum it is 18 miles each way.  Nothing that impressive, but at 5am in the morning it feels like an accomplishment to get up and on the road.  I never want to do it 100% when I start, but after a few miles the bike and road sing to me, and I’m in love with the bike all over again.

This past week I add and subtracted from my harem of bikes.  I’ve given up on finding the owner of the mountain bike.  No lost ads have matched it, and I presume that whoever did wrote it up as lost.  They aren’t far off.

The front wheel is just undoable.  The bike shop wizards couldn’t even manage to make it true again.  I purchased a new wheel and some tires as well are on the way.  I’m having issues taking off the rotor for the brakes, and may end up having to buy a new one as well.  I haven’t even touched fixing up the handlebars yet. 

I was torn as to whether to call it Soprano or Honey Badger.  I’ll explain.  Soprano refers to one of my favorite shows, The Sopranos.  One of the sayings on it now and then is “It fell off of a truck” when they acquire something new.  In this case, it fits very well because the bike actually did (or off of a car).

Honey badger refers to the Youtube sensational video about a honey badger that just don’t care.  I’m going with that.  Honey badger don’t care that it crashed down on a highway.  Honey badger don’t care that it’s costing a lot to fix back up.  Honey badger don’t care where you ride it…it will go anywhere.  I like it.

I donated two of my bikes that I meant to fix up.  I just don’t have the time, so the old Schwinn Racer and Sprint are gone.  Someone else with more time and money deserve them more than me, so I dropped them off at the Corvallis bike collective.

I did, however, add in a new toy:  a WeeHoo bike trailer.  It’s for my daughter, and will let her go on more bike trips with me.  It’s a beast to haul.  The thing is heavy, but it’s secure and allows her to pedal.  There are straps to keep her from falling off, which is nice.

I hope to get a lot of miles on it.  We did 7 today for it’s first run, ending with a stop at the ice cream shop on a hot day.  She loved it, and in return so did I.


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