New bike…maybe, kinda, who knows?

On Sunday while driving back from a picnic that we had to wrap up my National Guard annual training, I spotted a couple of bikes on the side of the highway.  I’m a scavenger at heart, thinking I can find something useful out of anything, so I stopped quickly.

The bikes looked like they had been there for awhile.  They were attached to a car roof rack and I can only assume that they fell off.  The front wheel of one of the bikes was badly out of true  with some nasty road rash on the handle bars.  The other had a car seat, and it appears the plastic shell of it took the brunt of the blow on that side.

The temperature was pushing the high 90’s, so I didn’t want to stay too long.  I took the bike with the jacked-up front wheel and loaded it on my car’s bike rack.  I thought about getting the other, but the lever holding the bike to the rack was snapped off.  With some tinkering I could of gotten it but decided the heat and my family in the car was too much.

I feel bad for whoever lost it.  I imagine they counted the bikes as a total loss and kept driving as it was a highway after all.  I like the bike I took, but I posted several ads looking for the owner and have been passing the word on it.

If no one claims it, I’m going to take my wrench to it and salvage the bike.  I think I can make it work.  I’m not counting it as mine yet, as I’d love to give it back to the original owner first if possible.


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