Cycling Progress…what?

So far this year has been a down year for getting in the miles.  Most of my rides have been shorter, less intense rides than what you would of caught be doing a few years ago.  I need to change that.

This year marks the first year that I missed the Monster Cookie ride.  I adore the ride and the weather was perfect for it.  The budget wasn’t being so friendly, however, and I skipped on this ride to make sure the bank account wouldn’t dip too low.

I also missed Reach the Beach this year, but for a completely different reason.  The plan this year was to ride it, camp/hotel it up at the coast with the family, and have a great time.  Maybe next year.

Instead, my family went to my daughter’s dance recital.  I skipped out on both and instead attended my student orientation for Western Oregon University.  My education is a big priority, and as great of a ride as RTB is, I needed to get my classes locked in.  I can always make up the bike miles later.

On the other hand, I have a little be of good bike news.  I was approved to change my drill dates for September so that I won’t miss any of Cycle Oregon.  This is an incredible opportunity and I’m lucky in that my command recognized that and signed off on me skipping military duty that particular weekend (the start).

I also had an opportunity to sell my Trek Madone.  For those that don’t know of this bike, it’s my baby.  I saved every last penny and dime for about a year and a half to buy that bike.  Nearly every time I wanted fast food, I instead opted for a cheap PB&J sandwich or Ramen noodles.

I’ve tried a couple times to sell the bike.  It’s worth a decent amount, and I’m not rich enough to be able to ignore how much it can bring in.  I recently put it up for sale with the intention of paying off my truck and some other bills.  I even had two different buyers locked up.

And of course, I didn’t sell it.  I just can’t do it.  The bike is too nice  and I worked to hard to get it.  I need to stop even trying to do so, because I’d just regret it.  Maybe a May’s pledge (like New Year resolutions) to to never try again.  The bike is with me to stay forever, I think.


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