Mark Bosworth

For those who do not know of Mark Bosworth, please allow me to show this (dated) news article by ABC on Mark. . Another great site for information is here:

One of the things that drew my interest in Mark is that we had some strong connections.  Besides a love of cycling, I felt a common interest.  I really wanted to partake in the Cycle Oregon ride that year.  I saw the course went through my hometown, and felt it would be a great ride back in my old stomping grounds.  Life sometimes has different plans, and financial issues along with military obligations made this ride an impossibility for me.

The other big thread connecting us was the place he was last seen, Riddle, Oregon.  Riddle was my hometown that I grew up in for 18 years until joining the military.  To this day, I feel a strong bond for the town and enjoy visiting.  It strikes me as so strange that the ride that I wanted to do so much and where Mark was last located was my beloved town.

Because of these ties, I felt very strongly drawn towards applying for the Mark Bosworth Fund scholarship.  It is a completely strange feeling, as this opportunity would never of been present without his absence, so it is most definitely a bittersweet victory in some ways.


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