Starting this on up

Today is the start up of my first real blog. The inspiration behind this came about because of the Mark Bosworth Fund. I had read about a scholarship the fund was offering to go to the Cycle Oregon event this year. To apply for the scholarship, you were asked to write up to 1000 words and answer three questions:

Cycle Oregon is a popular ride and the Mark Bosworth Fund can only offer a limited number of scholarships. Why should you receive this scholarship?

Due to the cost, time, and the culture of the sport of cycling, Cycle Oregon lacks diversity in several ways. The Mark Bosworth Fund is committed to increasing diversity on Cycle Oregon’s rides, especially for women, young people, people of color, and people with low incomes. However, diversity is a much broader idea than just those demographic categories. What aspect of diversity would you bring to this event and why do you think that is important?

How will your life be enriched as a result of receiving this scholarship?

After a lot of deliberation, thought, and editing I finally submitted my response on March 14th. I didn’t expect to win the scholarship, but I had a gut feeling that I should try anyways.

On April 11th, I received this response :

On behalf of the Board of the Mark Bosworth Fund, I am happy to announce that you are the winner of a full grant to attend Cycle Oregon this fall!

The Board had a number of exciting applicants, but your application rose to the top of our list. We were drawn to your love of cycling, your humility, your desire to set an example for your daughter, and your deep connection to the story of Mark’s disappearance. It is an honor for us to be able to assist you financially in going on this ride before you return to school. We are proud to have you as a recipient of this award in our very first year of honoring Mark Bosworth, my dad, with this grant fund.

The Cycle Oregon Week Ride will take place from September 7-14, 2013. Please let me know within a few days whether you are still able and willing to attend the ride this year and accept this grant offer.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Kelly Bosworth

Board Member

The Mark Bosworth Fund

Needless to say, I was very surprised in a most pleasant way. I imagine there were hundreds of quality applications sent in, and it is an honor to be one of the first cyclists to take part of this amazing opportunity offered by the Mark Bosworth Fund.


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